How do I book the date?

Sign contract and send retaining deposit ($600):
You can setup a consultation to book your date either in person, video call or by phone. If you are ready to book, just email us that you are ready and we will send you the contract and other necessary details.  Booking is a first come first serve basis.

What forms of payment do you accept?
All types: Credit (4% fee), Check, Cash, Direct Deposit, Chase Quickpay, Wells Fargo Surepay, or Venmo. However, in cases when another couple is trying to book the same day, we will have to omit personal check or anything that is related. The only valid payments in this situation are: Credit (will waive 4% fee), Cash or Cashiers Check.


When do I receive my films?

All films (trailer & feature) are delivered 6-12 weeks. You may also expedite the delivery of the trailer to 1 week for an additional fee. See our full list of films and services here.


How many cinematographers will be there on the day of?

Two. One lead shooter and an assistant. A third stationary camera will be on a tripod.


Do you offer a photography package along with the cinematography?
No, we only specialize in cinematography.


How well do you work with the photographer?

We are courteous to each other and make sure we are not in each other's ways. We communicate to them before every event. (ceremony, grand entrance, etc.)


If the wedding goes a little over 10 hours do you charge extra?

If the reception is running just a little over (1 hour max) we will not charge. However, if there's a large gap in between the ceremony and reception those "downtime hours" will count. We charge a small fee of $100 per additional hour.


What happens if a catastrophic event occurs and the cinematographers cannot work that day?

We will find two substitute cinematographers with comparable quality to the original. 


Do I choose my music? 

We strongly recommend that we choose the music to obtain creative freedom.

If you want to choose the music it must be licensed. You are only allowed to choose music from free of charge. However, if you choose a song(s) from another website (e.g.,,, etc.)  you must pay for the license(s) before the event date. Licensing cost between $50-$100 per song. - Effective 2/3/2017


Do you provide the raw footage?

Yes, on a hard drive. We ask for a small fee of $100 to cover the cost of the flash drive, shipping and time it takes to make a copy. Personal hard drives from the couple are not allowed to avoid computer infections.


Is the retainer refundable if the wedding gets cancelled or postponed?

The retainer is not refundable if you cancel. If the date is postponed and we are available then the date will still be reserved. 


Are all prices final with no tax and additional fees?

Yes. The only fees we require are reimbursements for parking, travel (if over 200 miles round trip) and 2 dinner meals.


Are there any vendors you could recommend?

Yes. Please email us for our referral list.

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