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Michael Papilla
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All Inclusive Package: $2500

• Up to 10 hours

• 3 camera coverage (2 cinematographers)

• Drone footage, cinematic shots, pristine sound

• Trailer (3-5 min, highlights of wedding day)

• Feature (60+ min, full ceremony & reception)

Trailer (3-5 min)

The "trailer" (3-5 mins) highlights the most important events of the wedding. We create a "cinematic story-line" by integrating your favorite song to beautiful shots and narrations provided from the most memorable speeches from that day. Your family and friends will treasure the trailer at the comfort of your home or on the world wide web. Songs MUST be chosen from songfreedom.com or musicbed.com - more trailers can be found on the front page & the "films" section.

Feature (60+ min)

The “feature” (60+ min) is the entire ceremony & reception captured with three camera angles. Unlike the trailer, the editing is sequential without any music or fast cuts so you can watch each event entirely.

Watch with chapters.


Package delivered in 6-12 weeks. Trailer shared online, feature sent as a private download link and shipped on flash drive.

Add-On Items



+ $250 add additional song to trailer

     watch "5-7 min trailer"

+$500 add 2 additional songs to trailer

     watch "8-10 min trailer"

+ $500 quick trailer delivery (any trailer, 2 week turnaround)

+ $250 instagram trailer (1 minute, 1 week turnaround)

     watch "instagram trailer"


+ $300 add “montages” to feature (getting ready, cocktail and table visit)

     watch 60+ min feature with "montages"

-replace feature (60+ min) in base package with short feature (30+ min, vows & speeches with the rest of the events as montages)

     watch "short feature"

     compare each feature


+ $100 raw footage​ on hard drive

+ $200 blu-ray upgrade ($50 each copy)

+ $50 additional hour (includes downtime)

More customization upon request.